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Can you give me some review Good and bad features? Kawasaki W175

Review good & bad features kawasaki w175
Review good & bad features kawasaki w175
Good bad features kawasaki w175
Good bad features kawasaki w175

Friends. Can you give me some review? Good and bad features?


Minor minus features : handlebar too low for person with height at 170 cm average , handle grip too hard , seat too hard. Despite all of that, the body is light, responcive Machine and nice performance – Jethro

Does the handle bar shake a lot at high speed? What max speed can the bike run? Thanks a lot – Tuan

Not at all, just try at 80km/h, traffic here – Jethro

Thanks bro. Please let me know any other bad features you face later – Tuan

That’s Speed only aroun 60 80. yes it’s slow. because my wife and my daughter with me. later on i will show the maximum. Last night reach 100 with 3 to 4 gear. which mean. should be aroun 120 140 is not hard to reach – Winata

In my opinion, the W175 is a retro bike made in today’s age. technology mounted on this bike is very little. so we can not compare with sport bikes. to find speed, this w175 motorcycle does not fit. but to look for beauty, comfort at low speed to medium speed, w175 is the right one. this is my white horse w175. I really like it when driving it – Cak

I am not a speed person either. I am not a sport bike person. I like retro. What is the max speed? Any bad things you can tell me about this bike? – Tuan

for speed 100 kpj still good to ride. and it feels good when the tire is replaced – Cak

What about the engine? Is it too noisy? Is it too hot? – Tuan

the sound of the engine is not too noisy, smooth and when heard there is a characteristic voice of retro

when I received the start engine is a little hot, this is because the consumption of fuel is too economical. and it’s necessary to adjust the carburetor. but after the carburetor in service and in the setting again. the engine is not too hot anymore.
carburettor mounted on the w175 is a size of 24 mm, it should be installed 26 mm- Cak

Thank you bro – Tuan

I like w175 because w175 is like a white canvas, ready to be modified in any direction. be it japstyle, bratstyle, cafe racer and other retro flows – Cak

I like to customize my bike. This is my last one. I sold it. Now i am waiting for w175 🙂 – Tuan

😂🤣😃….we are fellow retro enthusiasts…….we love retro…. – Cak

Thats right, brother. I really hope w175 wont disappoint – Tuan

if in my opinion who has been driving it. i like it so much. although there are some that have to be serviced and resetting themselves. but I think that’s the beauty and the pleasure of w175 retro bike….😁😁😁 – Cak

Serviced and resetting???? Like what? – Tuan

such as changing tires or setting the fuel consumption in the carburetor….😁😁😁 – Cak

Thanks a lot. – Tuan

i am hoping w175 will be in Malaysian road soon. i am looking at myself installing keihin pe28 carburetor on it & having 19 inches rim at the front with dual purpose tyre rear + front. maybe by having 19 inches rim in front meaning i don’t have to change the handle bar to a higher one & maybe i can add an extension as high as 2 inches to the front suspension.. that would feels great i recon.. – Cakgu

Yea that count,adding the size of tire ring – Jethro

just the front rim, rear remains using the 17 inches. it would be fun 😀 – Cekgu

mr gatut is right,… to buy w175 is to love, not just ride…. hard suspension but much passion – Alfian

Daddi coro inggris kabeh iki… ora ngerti 😀 – Cepy

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